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Total Care Program

Offices and Facilities that Look Clean and Feel Cleanwatch video

From the look of your carpet and furniture to the air quality, a clean space provides a comfortable work environment for your employees and an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Let EBC provide you with the comprehensive maintenance solution that will keep your space looking its best for years to come.

Carpet Maintenance
Textile Cleaning
Spot Removal
Fiber Protector
Odor Neutralizer
Entry Protection
Vacuuming Program
Tile and Grout Protection
Hard Surfaces Care
Why Choose EBC?

Carpet Maintenancewatch video

MilliCare’s proprietary dry carpet cleaning system is the most efficient way to remove dirt, extend the life of your carpet, and improve the air around you.

Textile Cleaningwatch video

Upholstered surfaces are great hiding places for dirt, germs and allergens. Our textile cleaning system will make your seating and panel fabrics look and feel better longer.

Spot Removalwatch video

MilliCare’s proprietary process thoroughly removes almost any stain in your carpet or textiles and makes sure that it doesn’t reappear.

Fiber Protectorwatch video

MilliCare’s Fiber Protector combines two advanced surface guards to protect against soil and water-based spots while keeping stains from bonding to your carpet and textile fibers.

Odor Neutralizerwatch video

Not just a typical odor mask, MilliCare’s Odor Neutralizer seeks out odors, wherever they’re hiding, and destroys them on a molecular level.

Entry Protectionwatch video

Up to 80 percent of dust, dirt, and grime in your building is tracked in from the outside. MilliCare’s First AppearancesTM entry mat system is specially designed to trap and hold dirt before it reaches your carpet.

Vacuuming Program

Carpets need to be vacuumed on a regular basis with machines that are made to do the job right and technicians that will take the time to do it properly. Our technicians will visit regularly, vacuum, remove spots and spills and ensure your carpet is kept clean and pile lifted to manufacturers recommendations.

Tile and Grout Protection

EBC Grout Armor will restore your existing dirty grout lines to a beautiful, like-new appearance. Grout Armor also protects new installations, saving you money on normal maintenance.

Hard Surfaces Care

EBC technicians can also care for all of your hard surfaces. We provide maintenance and restoration services for every kind of floor. From buffing a tile floor to restoring natural stone to re-coating a floor with a new finish our technicians are highly trained and experienced.

Why Choose EBC?

From our full service maintenance program to our revolutionary and sustainable cleaning products, EBC is improving the quality of work and living space for our customers.

Discover the EBC difference »
Carpet Care »

Extend the life of your carpet, and leave a lasting impression.

Textile Care »

Furniture, cubical panels and window treatments are easy targets for dirt and grime.

You need more than just a “carpet cleaning” company.

Total Care Program »

You need a trusted partner who can clean your entire workspace.

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