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Carpet Care

Carpet Cleaning Services

Dirty carpets wear easily and do not last as long as carpets that are regularly cleaned. Our industry-leading dry carpet technology removes dirt, extending your carpet’s life and improving the air quality in your space.

While we have many tools at our disposal, our proprietary dry system is the best way to keep your carpet clean, and protect your investment. And since our process is dry-centered, you can get back to work in minutes, not hours.

Here's how we clean:watch video

prespray millicare

1. Your carpet is prepared with
the appropriate pre-mist spray.

millicare application

2. Millicare proprietary dry
is applied to carpet.

millicare powder agitation

3. Dry polymer is worked
into your carpet

millicare vacuum

4. Polymer and soil are
retrieved from your carpet.

All of our equipment is easily transportable, so you won't need to worry about propped doors and strung hoses compromising your building's security.

Q: Why Dry?

A: Millicare's dry polymer system leaves your fibers clean and strong. Other systems leave water and soap residue behind, cause rapid re-soiling, and leave your carpet susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. After all, all the water left over from a cleaning is filled with what made your carpet dirty in the first place.

new nylon fibers

New Nylon 6.6 Fibers

before any cleaning

nylon detergent residue

Wet Extraction cleaning

builds a detergent residue

nylon detergent residue

Spin Bonnet cleaning

builds a detergent residue

clean carpet nylon

MilliCare's Process leaves

fibers smooth and clean

So, how does it work?watch video

Everything centers around our revolutionary dry polymer. Its unique properties allow it to adsorb and remove dirt from deep inside your carpet.

Once our polymer is brushed into your
carpet, it finds and collects the dirt,
dust, allergens, and other particles.

The polymer and attached dirt are removed,
leaving your carpet clean and dry.

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How does Millicare work?

Our revolutionary product and maintenance system provide you with longer lasting carpets and a cleaner, healthier environment.

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You have questions. We have answers.

We know our carpet cleaning services are different from the rest. And we’re proud of that! Learn more about carpet care and what sets us apart.

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