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Hard Surface Care

We are more than just a "carpet cleaner"

At EBC, we understand that carpet is not the only flooring surface that needs regular maintenance. That’s why we’re not just a “carpet cleaning” company. We can provide services on the following types of hard surface flooring and walls:

  • Ceramic
  • Quarry Tile
  • VCT
  • Resilient Flooring
  • Natural Stones
  • Terrazzo

Get beyond the dirt and grime

Ceramic tiles are the perfect floor coverings for many high-traffic environments. They’re easy to mop and hold up to a lot of abuse. But after time you’ll notice tile floors and walls no longer look clean. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see it’s not the tiles that look dirty and neglected – it’s the grout! Sanded grout absorbs dirt, oil and grease, and quickly becomes permanently stained and discolored.

grout armor by ebc

EBC Grout Armor will restore your existing dirty grout lines to a beautiful, like-new appearance. Grout Armor also protects new installations, saving you money on normal maintenance. Avoid expensive re-grouting. Simply apply Grout Armor, and your grout lines will resist stains and last long.

Natural Stone and Terrazzo

EBC can help you shine

Natural stone floors represent a significant investment in your facility and, more importantly, provide an opportunity to create an amazing visual impression. Let’s face it, is there anything inside a building more beautiful than a properly maintained natural floor that simply “pops” with an incredible shine? Or maybe you prefer your floors have a more matte/honed finish. Either way, we can make it happen. Here, at EBC, we are happy to be able to provide the specific services and options you need to help maintain your natural stone floors. So, why look to us for these particular flooring needs? Well…because EBC is the expert in this area. Just look at what we can do in your facility:

  • Polishing – This process is used to maintain a high level of shine on marble, granite, and terrazzo floors. EBC uses a crystallization process to keep these floors at the highest possible level of appearance.
  • Refinishing – This process, referred to as Diamond Honing or Diamond Grinding, helps to remove scratches and traffic patterns in the floor.
  • Powder Polishing – This process is required once scratches have been removed from the floor and the desired gloss level has been achieved.
  • Sealing – This process uses an Impregnator and is extremely important in order to properly protect floors. Natural stone floors are porous and, as a result, require a sealant to protect from spills while also allowing the floor to breathe properly.

The economical, effective and environmentally-friendly solution for your problem resilient flooring!

  • Need to constantly strip and wax due to wear or poor application by other providers?
  • Unsightly chemical stains and questionable hygienic conditions?
  • Hazardous and slippery surfaces that don’t meet safety requirements?
  • Using thousands of gallons of water and chemicals annually to stay maintained?
  • Introducing our newest solutions for vinyl, linoleum and rubber flooring:


Waxnomor provides 47% overall savings in maintenance and renovation costs when compared with traditional stripping and waxing.

Protect your surface from chemicals and make it particularly easy to clean. Extend the life of your flooring with guaranteed long-term protection against friction damage and scratches.

Waxnomor also offers extremely low VOC release and water usage compared to traditional methods. You can even add company logos and designs to your floor's surface for effective facility branding!



Marknomor's special sealing product adds high resistance to dyes and chemicals for applications where hygiene and appearance are top priority.



Slipnomor guarantees extra slip resistance that meets R 10 and BS 7976-2 requirements.

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You need more than just a “carpet cleaning” company.

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