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Textile Care

Why care about your textiles?watch video

You may know how important it is to clean your carpets on a regular basis, but did you know that your furniture, window treatments, cubical walls and other textiles should be cleaned regularly, as well? Maintaining your textiles is important to keeping a clean space – leading to happier employees, customers and guests – and extending the life of your textiles.

It’s time to rethink “clean.”

Anything in your space that has fabric should be cleaned regularly.

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A sample of some of the upholstered surfaces that we clean:

  • Task seating
  • Lobby and reception furniture
  • Panel fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Lounge seating
  • Theater or lecture hall furniture
  • Conference furniture
  • Waiting room furniture
  • Wallcovering
  • Ballroom dividers
  • Airport seating
  • Guest seating

The Process

Instead of replacing or reupholstering your textiles, let us put our expertise to use. MilliCare’s textile cleaning service is specially designed to reduce drying time, and clean more effectively than other methods. The cleaning solution is pressurized to decrease the liquid solution’s droplet size – this means that solution can penetrate deeper into the material weave, and can more readily be extracted. The solution, along with embedded dirt and allergens, is simultaneously extracted, which means the textiles that we clean dry faster.

You know that dirty old chair you’ve been meaning to throw out? Well, before you toss it, maybe you should consider getting it cleaned. Many times, seating, panel fabrics, and other textiles you thought were beyond saving just need a good dose of MilliCare.

By having your textiles cleaned, not only will they look better, but they’ll last a lot longer too.
Here's how:

  1. An atomized mixture of air and solution is injected into your fabric. The mixture creates tiny droplets that act as scrubbers to clean the individual fibers.
  2. The solution is removed simultaneously with any dirt, allergens, and stains, resulting in cleaner textiles and quicker dry times.

The solution is extracted as it
cleans, which minimizes dry times
while maximizing productivity.

The Result

In just about one hour, your material will be ready for use after MilliCare textile cleaning. With time to spare, everyone will be back to work and happy about it, invigorated by the newly cleaned environment. Your furniture and other textiles will last longer, and your clean space will leave a lasting impression on your employees and guests.

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You need more than just a “carpet cleaning” company.

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