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What Green Means to You

MilliCare meets the needs of your community.

From incentives to reduce carbon footprints to how companies are perceived in the community, businesses are more focused on the environment more than ever before. This means that you’ve probably been tasked to find more sustainable approaches to doing business, which includes the maintenance of your facility. Selecting the MilliCare system easily satisfies this need for environmental responsibility without any extra time or effort on your part.

MilliCare Green Fast Facts

  • MilliCare’s Dry Care technology uses 99.5% less water
  • Hot-water extraction methods use 77% more emissions compared to MilliCare
  • MilliCare cuts electricity usage by up to 85%watch video
  • Achieve up to 99% cleaner air with a MilliCare cleaningwatch video

You care about employees’ health, comfort and environment

Worn, dingy carpet and furniture create an uninviting work environment for your employees and guests. But when these items are discarded before their time, it contributes to the growing landfill problem. The solution is to properly clean and maintain these surfaces. Even when you think your carpet or furnishings are as good as gone, a deep cleaning can often bring them back to life.

How does Millicare work?

Our revolutionary product and maintenance system provide you with longer lasting carpets and a cleaner, healthier environment.

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What does “green” mean for you?

You know that sustainability can be achieved with carpet care, but what makes EBC and MilliCare the most responsible solution for eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning?

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How can I get credit?

MilliCare is a member of the USGBC. Working together with us will support your LEED certified building initiatives or LEED-EBOM if your building is not LEED certified.

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