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Recipe for Success

How you clean affects…the life of your carpet

If your carpet and furniture seem to be wearing out before their time, it is likely you are not properly cleaning these surfaces. Dirt and grime that you cannot see are worn into upholstery and cause these surfaces to appear older than they actually are. Extend the life of your carpet, furniture and hard surfaces by developing a proactive plan for maintaining your space.

recipe for success
Find the right process »

Not all cleaning systems are created equal. Discover what makes EBC Services and MilliCare products superior to traditional cleaning systems.

Find the right people »

We know you don’t take lightly who you let into your workspace. That’s why we ensure each EBC associate is prepared to build a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers.

Find the right plan »

Our success is built upon providing excellent services that exceed customer expectations. To do this, we work with each client to develop a custom maintenance plan to fit their need and budget.

Who Needs EBC? »

The state of your facility and how you clean may make a greater impact than you may realize.

Environment Impact Calculator »

It is possible to achieve clean living and green living at the same time.

Why EBC Makes Good Business Sense »

How you clean affects the life of your furniture and carpets and your impression on customers and employees.

From starting clean to living clean, we’ll make your space feel alive.

4 Steps to Feeling Alive »

Every facility starts out clean. But how do you keep the dirt and grime away over time?

Recipe for Success »
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