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Why EBC Makes Good Business Sense

How your environment affects…your bottom line

The success of your business is built on your ability to attract and retain quality employees, and employee productivity impacts the bottom line more than any other commercial expenditure. Not only does a clean work environment contribute significantly to employee satisfaction, a clean work environment improves air quality and reduces instances of sick-building syndrome.

Invest in your employees

ebc good business sense

You know the importance of recruiting and retaining talented, loyal employees, and you understand that the environment in which they work has an impact on employee satisfaction. But, what investment must be made in order to achieve this clean work environment for each employee? Based upon industry standards and EBC’s experience:

  • The average office facility provides 200 sq. ft. per employee.
  • Our average cost to clean is $0.10 per sq. ft.
  • We clean carpeted areas an average of 2.5 times per year.

Therefore, the average cost to clean and maintain a healthy environment for your employees is $50 per employee per year. Compared to your other employee-related expenses, you can see why proper care and maintenance of your facility is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business.

Calculate Your Own Investment

Our representatives will work with you to develop a custom maintenance plan for your facility, based upon your size and needs.

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The state of your facility and how you clean may make a greater impact than you may realize.

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It is possible to achieve clean living and green living at the same time.

Why EBC Makes Good Business Sense »

How you clean affects the life of your furniture and carpets and your impression on customers and employees.

From starting clean to living clean, we’ll make your space feel alive.

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